Inspired by our ever-changing societal cultures, ellihn strives to deliver an understanding of the complex reality we live in, as well as offer a helping hand to those lost in it through his songs. Often adopting a strong and bold stand in his works, ellihn delivers his thoughts unapologetically to all who would listen, preferring to make a point rather than please. Through his unconventional, genre-bending style, ellihn actively advocates finding stability and peace while chasing one’s true purpose, no matter how old, or what phase of life they are at. With this as his purpose, ellihn’s music allows his audience to be provided with a deeper insight to not only ellihn, but also themselves.

After working on multiple musical projects for clients behind the scenes, ellihn made the decision to further showcase his nostalgic and personal songwriting as an artist. His upcoming debut single, “Not There”, is produced entirely by him after almost a year of constant revisions and changes. “Not There” serves as proof of the skills he has picked up over the years and what ellihn stands for as a musician. Featuring a signature blend of genres such as country, latin and alternative, “Not There” has a running theme of nostalgia and talks about how one would have had so many regrets and missed opportunities in their lives up till now and thus brings forth the question: What do you want to do now? Where do you go from here? And are our future opportunities not there?